Vinyl Flooring Derby Buying Advice

Vinyl Flooring Derby Buying Advice

Vinyl Flooring Derby

Vinyl flooring has always been a popular choice because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, wide range of designs, and the shining look that it gives to the area. Over the years, several technological improvements have made this flooring material more useful, economical and attractive for various settings. When it comes to selecting vinyl flooring, there are some important things that must be considered carefully. The first is to be informed and knowledgeable about this flooring material.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

It is available in the following two choices:


The sheet type is available in 2, 3 or 4 metre widths. It can be installed quickly and is easy to clean. There are no joints which gives the area a smooth and shiny look up to a very long distance. It is a good choice for health care centres because vinyl is impervious to water. It means there is less chance for the germs to develop.


It is available in 9×9 inches or 12×12 inches size. Many property owners prefer using this option because it gives the look of expensive ceramic tiles at a less cost. It also provides better flexibility because an unlimited number of patterns on the floor can be created. There are also plank models which are easy to install.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Practical Choice

It is a practical option for flooring purpose because it can be used in any type of interior setting. Many vinyl flooring options are slip resistant. These options are very useful for areas like bathroom and kitchen where water and liquid spills can lead to someone slipping on the floor. Vinyl is a long-lasting material that requires very little maintenance. It can be used at both small and large areas because it is extremely easy to install and maintain. Simple wiping is sufficient to clean most of the dirt and grime on it. In the long run, the low maintenance makes it a cost-effective option. Vinyl flooring is also useful for commercial establishments that see high-traffic of people. The resilience and durable characteristics of the vinyl make it the right choice for different types of settings like clinics, hospitals, schools and shops.

Easy to Clean

The smooth surface of vinyl is very easy to clean. It can be cleaned simply with water and a mop. A single person can clean a large area within minutes. This may not be possible with some other flooring choices like the hardwood which cannot be cleaned with water or carpets which will require special cleaning treatments.

Multiple Designs

Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of colours, patterns, designs, finishing and styles. It means a property owner can find the exact choice that suits the decor of the area and personal preferences. In fact, many of the style and designs mimic other flooring options. So, owners can get the look of a particular flooring material without losing the benefits of shiny and easy to clean characteristic of the vinyl material.

Easy Installation

Vinyl flooring can be installed in a very short span of time. There is no need to break the floor or wait several days for the cements to cure. The quick installation is very useful for commercial establishments where it can be installed on a holiday, and the area would be ready for use when the doors are opened for work or business next day. There is also no need to buy different types of other materials, which is the case with other flooring options. This results in lots of savings for the property owner.  On occasions, sub floors (i.e the bare floor) may need either additional hardboard or screeding depending on the floor quality.  This will be advised if required, during your consultation.

Affordable Choice

Among all types of flooring options available, vinyl flooring proves a very cost-effective choice. A few other options like laminate flooring may be cheaper but the sheer range of patterns, designs and options available with the vinyl flooring is missing with the laminates. Vinyl flooring is not only cheaper to buy and install, its durable characteristic also means less spending on repair, replacement, or use of cleaning material.

Attractive Look

It gives a very shiny appearance to the area, which is very important for commercial establishments where customers and clients visit. The place looks elegant and professional. Whether it is a home or a shop, the design and patterns can be matched exactly to the decor. This creates an overall impression of excellent quality, and makes the area look very attractive.

Vinyl Sheet or Tile: What Should Be the Choice?

There are some areas where sheet is a good choice, while in other areas tile serves the purpose better. Selection of a particular type of vinyl flooring mainly depends on the property owner’s personal preferences. Sheet option is useful for areas that have level, flat surfaces up to a long distance; such as kitchen, bathroom, living rooms, visitor area, and other such places. If it is installed in places like bathroom, it is important that the sheet perimeters or seams are not continuously exposed to direct contact of water. For places like staircase, tile may be a better option. With the tiles, designers can create a wide range of visual effects using a combination of same or different designs. Plank shape vinyl flooring gives the same look as that of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Flooring Known Brands

There are many popular brands of vinyl flooring in Derby. Among them, Tarkett is preferred by many people for its wide range of options. Vinyl flooring made by this company can be used in a wide range of settings, such as health care centres, educational institutions, boutiques, shops, stores, hospitality industry, and private housing areas. Other brands liked well by people include Rhinofloor and Gereflor. These manufacturing companies offer a wide range of vinyl flooring choices in terms of designs, styles and finishing.

It is important to note that vinyl flooring is not recommended for outdoor areas where the sun heat may cause colour fading. It is also not suitable for industrial manufacturing areas where heavy equipment is used, places where heated materials are kept on the floor, or places where heavy or sharp objects like tools and machines at the floor level are placed and used. Because of its versatility, vinyl flooring is highly recommended for health care centres where it is already a preferred choice.

Call for Vinyl flooring Derby

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