Cheap Carpets Derby Essential Guide

Cheap Carpets Derby Essential Guide

Cheap Carpets Derby

Kacee Carpets offers some of the cheapest carpets in Derby, we really do stand above the crowd in this regard.  A cheap carpet doesn’t mean a lack of quality at Kacee Carpets as our carpets offer excellent value for money.  We only offer carpets that we know will stand the test of time, we pride ourselves on these principles, the reason our customers come back time and time again.

Trying to find carpet advice that you can trust is becoming increasing difficult, you’ll notice that during your search on the internet that more often then not you are being bombarded with sales pitches.  I’ve tried to differentiate our site by providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice before you commit to buy.  I’ve been in the carpet trade for over 40 years now, you could say I know a thing or two about carpets.  So I’ve decided to put the basics together to help you in your search.

Carpet has been an essential feature of human domestic existence for centuries. The progression of carpeting throughout the years has been influenced by fashion, social and economic advancements. Countless ingenious and significant advances in manufacturing technology have been made in pursuit of better and more attractive forms of carpet. Today, carpets are arguably the most popular option for flooring. They are inexpensive, very comfortable, easy to install and replace. Carpets can also hide floor irregularities and can be installed on any surface. In addition, carpets offer a wide range of colours, texture, hue and tone than any other floor covering.

Fibers and yarns used in making carpets

Nylon: This is the best wearing fiber commonly used today. Nylon comes in many beautiful styles and colours. It has excellent wear characteristic than any other synthetic fiber. It resists abrasion and is easy to clean, especially when anti-stain treatments are applied. Most importantly, it is resistant to chemical damages, very durable and it does not absorb moisture.

Polypropylene (olefin): Olefin is a strong beautiful synthetic fiber that is less expensive to manufacture. Olefin is wear and stain resistant when designed with anti-stain treatment. It also exhibits superior anti-static properties, resistant to abrasions, rot and weather elements. However, Olefin attracts dirt like magnet, it has poor resiliency and tends to appear dingy when dirty. Olefin carpets are good for schools, institutions, handicapped units and retirement homes.

Polyester: Polyester is a very soft fiber that holds its colour well. When new, polyester looks great and is very appealing. On the contrary it is difficult to keep clean and if installed in a busy place it mats down very quickly never to return to its original state. Be careful when buying polyester carpet because sales people will instantly recommend polyester to people without in-depth fiber knowledge.

Wool and wool-blends: Wool has exceptional durability, can be dyed effortlessly and is reasonably abundant. Wool is usually blended with synthetic fibers such as nylon to increase durability. Blended wool yarns are broadly used in manufacturing of modern carpet.

Silk: Silk is natural shimmering fiber that has a high tensile strength. Silk is used to make very pleasing oriental carpets. It is also primarily used as pattern highlights in woollen carpets. These carpets are rich in colours and pattern but are very expensive. They are usually made on either cotton or silk foundation. Use your silk carpet on even, dry and soft places due to delicacy of the fiber.  Also be ready to regularly clean and maintain your silk carpet.

Jute: If you are looking for an economical carpet go for one that is made of jute. They are woven into stunning patterns and are good for adding colour to your house.  Jute can be knitted, woven, sewn or twisted.

Carpet types and styles

Today’s carpet industry is controlled by two main varieties:

Cut pile carpets

Cut pile is crafted when the loops that upshot from weaving are trimmed to the same tallness and allowed to faintly turf, giving the carpet a thick, soft look. Cut pile carpets are mainly sold for residential use. They are classified into five sub-categories:

Velvet or plush: These carpets are soft, elegant and very smooth. The pile is cut numerous times to create a comfy, velvety luster that shows every footprint. Velvet carpets are ideal for living rooms.

Saxony:  These carpets are not as smooth as velvet, but they have a soft texture that is created by twisting fibers lightly, the yarn is then straightened via heat treatment.

Textured: It’s the top selling cut pile carpet. In textured cut pile, carpet pile is twisted and crimped to make a multi-coloured appearance that hides footprints but retains its soft touch. It is ideal for places with moderate to heavy traffic.

Frieze carpet: This carpet is created by tightly twisting and curling fibers that hides foot prints. It can be used to create scroll pattern and is ideal for heavy traffic places.

Shag: This look was used in 60s but it is back with very practical styles. Shag is created by longer tuft and thicker yarn. It is ideal for children bedrooms.

Loop pile carpets

These carpets are long lasting and easy to clean. They are well suited for busy places because they are short, with a densely packed pile that block the dirt out. They are categorized as follows:

Berber: These carpets have thick yarns and are identified by their flecked look, which is very effective in hiding footprints. They are ideal for living rooms and stairs.

Cable: It consists of heavy yarns with lots of twist that give it a soft casual look. It is ideal for moderate traffic areas and provides a comfy casual appearance.

Sisal: They are created by twisting synthetic yarns but somehow tighter than Berbers. They present a stiff feel which is excellent for high traffic areas.

Multi-level loop pile carpets (also known as naturals)

When making these carpets, more than one loop height is used on the entire carpet to generate random patterns. They have attractive textures and are ideal for moderate traffic areas.

Cut and loop pile carpets

These carpets are created by combining different types and cuts of pile to generate a wide range of textures and colour combination.

Benefits of carpets

There are all manners of benefits to having carpets on your floor. Modern carpets can make a positive contribution to your family life in various ways. The benefits that you can derive from a carpet include:

  • Warmth: Carpets are an excellent choice for living rooms and other areas where warmth underfoot is vital. A great advantage over laminate flooring
  • Safety: Carpets present a non-slip surface to avert accidents and a cushion in the event of a fall, a definite advantage over vinyl flooring.
  • Sound reduction: Thick carpets reduce noise better than all other flooring materials. Carpets absorb noise from foot traffic and obstruct transmission of sound between floors.
  • Clean air: Studies show that carpets helps in improving indoor air quality by trapping airborne particulates that cause allergy. This can only happen if you clean your carpet regularly.
  • Surface cosmetics: Carpets can help hide irregularities on the floor.
  • Easy care: Modern carpets are easy to clean because they are stain resistant than ever.
  • Decorative flexibility: Carpets come in many styles and colours which can fit perfectly in any room.
  • Low cost: Compared to other flooring options available today, carpets offer an economical alternative.
  • Long life: Modern carpets are amazingly durable and will outlast many other flooring options.

Choosing the right carpet

Now that you fully understand the types, styles and benefit that carpet offers, it is the right time to choose the right carpet that will work for you. There are hundreds of different carpet grades, colours and styles to select from. Select the wrong quality and you will find yourself with a new carpet that is difficult to clean and fades outs very easily. Selecting the right carpet requires you to know what makes a particular carpet better than another. At bare minimum consider the following factors: seams, quality, wear and tear, colour, stains, warranty and cost. With that in mind, arm yourself with carpet specifications which include: face-weight, pile height, fiber type, turf twist and pile density. You also need to ask what type of stain protection is provided. Inquire on what type of secondary backing system the carpet has. By now the question is how do I make sense out of all this information?  Don’t worry, just give me a call and I will be more than willing to assist you to purchase and install the right carpet for you!

Carpet trends

Colour and texture

A major change in new carpets is towards layered colours and softer textures. This tends to offer more unique styling and elegant appeal. Nowadays, applied and woven patterns whether flowers, trellis or leaves coordinate very well with patterns in other furniture in the house. Again, manufactures are producing strong colours that are available in multi coloured loops and Berber fashion as accents. These new products are changing the notion that carpets are only a background platform to showcase other designs to the realization that carpets can be designs themselves.

Carpet construction

New carpet manufacturing technology has enable construction of carpets with cut and loop yarns and also in various high and low loop yarns. A good example is lattices, bows, pin dots and swirls. Take advantages of these great options and personalize your environment.

Call for your carpet quote

If you require any further information or wanting to buy carpets in Derby then I will be more then happy to help out, call on my direct line 07976 285974


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